About Us

Already in 1917 the composer Alfredo Casella had created the National Music Society with the aim of spreading new Italian music, but, after other attempts in this same direction, the actual birth of the Italian Society can be traced back to 1923 of Contemporary Music.
This takes on different names also due to the historical and political eras, the managements that have followed represent different philosophies that animate them, but in these hundred years that separate us from its institution, the SIMC has always maintained the original aim of promoting and disseminating the new compositional experiences of our country's authors.
This task continues today with the participation of many members, of different generations, animated by the desire for comparison between composers, respecting the plurality of languages ​​and seeking collaborations between the many musicians' associations for the realization of common cultural and musical projects.


Here is a brief history of SIMC by Paolo Rosato